Anne-Krystel - Anne Krystel - Extrait de Parfum
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Who is Anne-Krystel ?

Anne-Krystel created her first Extrait de Parfum, which she named Anne-Krystel8, in collaboration with a team of certified perfumers in Provence.

She later created an Extrait de Parfum for Man named AK47.

She wants people wearing her fragrances to find themselves in a state of confidence and calm.

As she knows that fragrances highly influence the various mental and physical conditions of humans, she wishes to succeed in spreading well-being among those who wear it.

Her mission is to offer luxury at an affordable price.

In addition, she is donating to David Lynch’s foundation. This foundation helps transform lives by providing a proven tool for healing and empowerment – the evidence-based transcendental meditation (TM) technique – to those who need it most. 

To follow Anne-Krystel on Instagram or Facebook: @annekrystelgoyerofficial

Each of the notes in the olfactory pyramid of this perfume for women is linked to a personality trait of the ideal woman in the eyes of designer Anne-Krystel.