process of creating Anne-Krystel8
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What was the creative process behind Anne-Krystel8?

Creating Anne-Krystel8 was a meticulous and exciting process, carried out in collaboration with certified perfumers based in Provence. The aim was to create the perfect fragrance for women, combining a detailed description of the ideal woman with a meticulous selection of ingredients.

The ideal woman is portrayed as seductive, strong, dedicated, passionate, go-getter, feminine, calm, refined, intelligent, sensual, provocative, fresh and bursting with power. This women’s fragrance has been specially created for the alpha woman, naturally confident, positive and balanced, who treats everyone with class and respect. She is in harmony with herself and embodies the best version of herself.

Through trial and error, and variations in the proportions of ingredients, we finally succeeded in creating the perfect fragrance for women.

Choosing the number 8

The choice of the number 8 is loaded with symbolism. It represents infinity and abundance, and is loved by many. However, this number has a special significance for designer Anne-Krystel because of my birth numerology and that of my father, inspired by the book “Votre Chemin De Vie” written by Dan Millman. Details of my 35/8 numerology are featured on the box, and the design is inspired by Einstein’s famous E=mc² painting, created by Martin Ruel. What’s more, the perfume’s emblematic photo was taken by the talented photographer Nicolas Ruel, using the 8-second technique.

All this converges to create Anne-Krystel8, an olfactory masterpiece conceived with care, passion and attention to detail. This fragrance embodies the quintessence of the ideal woman and offers a unique sensory experience to those who wear it.