FAITH CANNOT BE SEEN BUT IT’S ALL POWERFUL - Anne Krystel - Extrait de Parfum

Many people struggle with faith because it is invisible, it cannot be seen or measured and that makes it confusing to the logical human brain. Faith is a state of mind, but it can be controlled and created by something called autosuggestion. This basically means that you can create a powerful sense of faith by telling yourself what you want to believe. Using visualization and affirmations you sent firm instructions to your subconscious, which soaks it all up like a sponge. From there, you make a plan and follow it through. Faith and desire will see you through any potential issues which come your way.

Here’s a good example of how faith can be affected. People who first come into contact with a particular criminal activity, e.g. theft or drugs, hate it at first, but when they are around it for a long period of time they grow used to it. If that person is around that crime for a long enough time, they will become influenced by it. All of this is down to repetition seeping into the subconscious mind. You are effectively training your mind!

To achieve faith you need to use autosuggestion, and that involves talking to yourself firmly on a daily basis. You need to tell yourself what you want and demand persistence and action from yourself. You need to tell yourself that you’re going to develop confidence in yourself and that you aren’t going to stop trying until you get what you want. This is your manifesto, something you sign verbally. Throughout this, you also realize that you cannot succeed if your actions affect others detrimentally. Keep your karma points clear!

In addition to this verbal manifesto, you should visualize already achieving what you want; how does it feel? What does it look like? All of this will help to influence your subconscious and therefore develop that invisible faith.

Source: « Think and Grow Rich » by Headway App