HOW DO YOU ACHIEVE UNWAVERING DESIRE? - Anne Krystel - Extrait de Parfum

The first step towards developing the mindset is to achieve desire; not just any old desire, but desire which is strong and unwavering, no matter what comes your way. In the past, you might have given up when things got a little tough, but how do you know you weren’t almost there?

Here is an example of that very situation. During the Gold Rush, a large family discovered a supply of gold, but they didn’t have the machinery to mine it. They put together a plan to obtain the machinery and began to dig. They realized they had one of the best mines in Colorado and everything was fantastic for a short period of time. Then, out of nowhere, they couldn’t find the gold; it had dried up, disappeared. They gave up and sold the machinery, cutting their losses. What they didn’t realize was that if they had continued digging for just three feet more, they would have found the gold once more, affected by a simple fault line. Another family did indeed find that gold and obtained the riches the original family would have had if they hadn’t given up.
This is an all too familiar situation, but by turning your mindset on its head and developing unwavering desire to achieve your goal, you are far less likely to give up. Edwin C Barnes is a great example of this. He had a burning desire to work with Thomas Edison. He didn’t stop until he made that desire a reality, working with the great man for more than 30 years.
So, how do you develop unwavering desire? You control your thoughts. You tell yourself what you want, the more specific the better, and you create a definite plan to get it. You write all of this down and you read it aloud to yourself two times every day. Within a short amount of time, your desire will grow to levels that cannot be beaten down with small roadblocks.
Source: « Think and Grow Rich » by Headway App