Anne-Krystel 8 - Perfume for women

To create the perfect perfume for all women I asked for the assistance from the certified perfumers in Provence! I explained to the perfumers the personality traits of the ideal woman for me and they selected the perfect mix of ingredients to match these specific traits.

The personality traits of this ideal woman are: seductress, strong and calm, devoted, passionate, motivated, feminine, calm, refined, intelligent, sensual, provocative, fresh and full of power. This fragrance is designed for the naturally confident, positive and balanced alpha woman who treats everyone with class and respect.

Comfortable in her skin, she is the best vision of herself.

Perfumers have used these personality traits to design this wonderful fragrance for women.

Subsequently, it is after tests, errors of different recipes and degrees of each level of ingredients that we came to this exquisite scent. For the explanation of the figure 8, it represents the infinite and the abundance, the number 8 is loved by many people, but it has a very personal meaning for me because it is based on my birth numerology. Inspired by the book; Your Way of Life written by Dan Millman.

All the detailed calculations of my numerology 35/8 are found on the box and the design is inspired by Einstein’s famous board calculation E=Mc2. In addition, the iconic photo of the perfume is made by the talented photographer Nicolas Ruel using the 8 seconds method.

Each note of this perfume is related to a personality trait of the ideal woman in the eyes of the designer Anne-Krystel.

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