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You must boost your chances of achieving your goals by investing time into formulating them. Right from the outset, you should prepare a foundation that will set you up for success. And the only way to do this is to write down your goals. A study highlighted in this book reveals that the act of writing goals boosted success rates by 42%.

For one, writing your goals and reviewing them consistently gives you insight into your preferred destination and all the pitfalls that might lurk on the path. Also, it will motivate you to prioritize opportunities, so you can avoid distractions that could steer you away from your goals. Likewise, written goals will spur you to do the needful as at when due.

“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” ~ Albert Einstein

Having said that, it is imperative that you pick the right goals to begin with. To do this, it is advised that you adopt a goal formulating framework that would serve as a guide to help you choose viable goals. This framework, which he calls SMARTER goals, has 7 different attributes with each letter of the “SMARTER” acronym represents.

Specific: The viability of your goals depends on how specific they are. You cannot give your all into achieving an unclear goal. And so, you must identify your goal and make it as clear as you can. For example, if you want to lose weight, you should not pick “eat healthily, and exercise more” as your goal. Instead, a viable alternative is to write “stop eating refined sugar and exercise 3 hours daily.”

Measurable: Before picking your goals, you should ascertain that they are measurable, that there is a way you can assess your progress. Therefore, choose goals with a form of feedback mechanism, which would let you know when you are faltering or when you are on track.

Actionable: While indicating the specifics of your goals, you should outline the actions and tasks that they entail. If your goal is to own a blog, then you must indicate all the primary steps that would help you own and run a blog. You might start with choosing a niche and taking courses to cultivate skills that would help with both the writing and technical aspects of blogging.

Risky: People that play it safe would most likely remain in mediocrity. Although it is good to adopt realistic goals, taking risks would prevent you from setting the bar too low.

Time-keyed: The chances of achieving a goal with no apparent deadline are bleak. While choosing your goals, you should attach deadlines, time triggers, or frequencies that would keep you on your toes.

Exciting: You cannot withstand the resistance that comes with resolutions and goals if you do not find them interesting. In light of this, you have to pick goals that inspire or excite you.

Relevant: Similarly, your goals must correlate with your lifestyle and current circumstances. Also, they must be relevant to each other to eliminate friction or opposing goals

Source: Your Best Year Ever