5ml Travel size Extrait de parfum Anne-Krystel8 - Anne Krystel - Extrait de Parfum
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5ml Travel size Extrait de parfum Anne-Krystel8

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L’extrait de parfum Anne-Krystel8 est le portrait de la femme alpha naturellement confiante, positive et équilibrée qui traite tout le monde avec classe. Seriez-vous cette femme accomplie?

Travel size of shiny gold
You can bring them everywhere, no more excuses, you will always smell good!

  • Raw materials imported from Provence.
  • Maceration and bottling prepared in Montreal.
  • Does not contain water, renowned for its long-lasting qualities.
  • Composed of pure ingredients, luxurious essences and high quality products.
  • Ensures compliance with safety and environmental standards.

A cute and legal format to pass the customs, because I know that you dream to travel light even if you are not able to do it and that you always end up paying the extra weight luggage … You will not be able to say that I’m not doing my part to help you.

Because between you and me, Anne-Krystel8 perfume is so concentrated, you only need a puchhhh to release this incredible smell on your way all day long! On the other hand, it could be that the customs officer stops you.

Not to do the complete body search … but because she will want to know where you purchase this perfume!

You will be able to say: anne-krystel.ca

Order your 5ml now! Limited quantities!

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The Anne-Krystel8 Extrait de parfum is the reflexion of a naturally confident, positive and balanced alpha woman who treats everyone with class and respect. Comfortable in her skin, she constantly repushes her boundaries to be the best woman she can be and to accomplish herself. Will you be that woman?

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  1. Rose

    This is perfect now i can bring it everywhere and its refillable!!

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