The Importance of Self-Image - Anne Krystel - Extrait de Parfum

How do you see yourself? What do you think of yourself? What you think is important because it influences your health, the quality of your personal relationships, the management of your time, your level of efficiency and your level of prosperity. In fact, your self-opinion has a direct and indirect impact on all aspects of your life. Nothing escapes it.

If you want to be more successful in your life and increase the satisfaction you get from it, start by seeing yourself in a better light. For example, maintaining a thought such as:
“I am a hard-working, courageous and capable person. I do my best to stay positive, kind and kind. I am flexible, understanding and open, always ready to help others, etc…” is a great habit to take.

In short, the more you focus on your qualities, the closer you get to the truth, to what you really are in your heart. It is an admirable way to add harmony to you as you thus join the way your inner/superior being considers you.

It’s not about wanting to improve your personality, it’s about recognizing and accepting the qualities you already have!

Serge L.