What is an olfactory pyramid and what are the notes in Anne-Krystel8 perfume? - Anne Krystel - Extrait de Parfum

A fragrance is divided into 3 groups of notes.

The first group contains the top notes. Top notes are the odors that are noticeable first in the olfactory pyramid. The ones we smell from vaporization. On the other hand, they are also the most volatile notes, they evaporate more quickly. Its duration is about 2 hours. Here are the top notes of the Anne-Krystel8 perfume: Mandarin of Sicily, pear, raspberry and gardenia.

The second group of the olfactory pyramid contains the middle notes. The middle notes are those that develop for several hours and remain noticeable even after the volatility of the top notes. These notes are the character of the perfume, they are the heart. Madagascar pepper, neroli, rose, lavender and patchouli.

Finally, the last group of the olfactory pyramid;

The base notes. They are composed of heavier molecules, they are the most stable and the most persistent. They evaporate slowly, its duration can extend over several days they give body and longevity to the fragrance. The base notes create the imprint of the perfume. Vanilla, white musk, amber leather and traces of vetiver.

AnneKrystel8 is sweet and gourmand. The sweet notes are among the most popular perfumes! In addition to being pleasant, they tend to lower our level of anxiety. You can see that, in babysitting situation, with the perfume sweater of the mother, the kid feel safe. Also, when you wear a sweet woman perfume you feel desirable and men want to bite you!

Each note of this perfume is related to a personality trait of the ideal woman in the eyes of the designer Anne-Krystel.

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