Why number 8? - Anne Krystel - Extrait de Parfum

Why number 8?

I find it important and inspiring to attach meaning to a story to each one of my creations. 

The 8 means a lot to me because it represents the infinity, prosperity, abundance and it is my lucky number as well as my birth numerology. These reasons give meaning to my creation.

This is why you can read the calculations on the perfume package, inspired by Einstein’s mathematical table E=mc²

Numerology 8

From Dan Millman Book– Way of Life

April 25, 1986 = 2 + 5 + 0 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 6 = 35/8 


Each of the notes in the olfactory pyramid of this perfume for women is linked to a personality trait of the ideal woman in the eyes of designer Anne-Krystel.